Why You Should Create A Coming Soon Page: The Best Coming Soon Designs to Inspire You

Creating and launching your own website is already hard as it is. But if you want to build hype and excitement even before you go live, you need to create an appealing coming soon page. 

Why you should create a coming soon page?

A coming soon page is the page that shows up before you launch. This will show you a sneak peek of what your website is about and what your visitors should expect. It’s perfect if your website is still under construction but you are already trying to promote it on social media websites. 

Here are the important reasons why you should create a coming soon page: 

Lead Generation

Pre-launched pages or coming soon pages is one way to generate leads even before you go live. You can invite your visitors by incorporating an email subscription form. Once they sign up, they can receive brand-related news. You can also offer incentives such as free e-books or discount codes so people are more drawn to signing up. 

Hide construction process

A website under construction is more appealing when hidden behind a coming soon page. Visitors are also more likely to return when what greets them is an attractive pre-launch page instead of a website with unfinished descriptions and missing elements. 

Launch Date

Let your visitors know when you are going live! Add a countdown timer to your coming soon page to let them know how many days or hours it’ll be before you launch. Not only will this inform them, but also build excitement. 

Promote your Socials

A coming soon page can also contain your social media account where your visitors can check for updates even before the actual launch. 

If you are working on a coming soon page for your website, here are the best coming soon landing pages that will inspire you! 


Instead of a simple “Sign-up” or “Join”, build exclusivity by “Request an invite.” 


If you want to reach an overwhelming amount of people in no time, referral promotions are a good way to go. A user can reap rewards by sharing and it will continue in a snowball effect. 

App Manager 5.0

Nothing pressures people more than seeing a timer counting down, especially when a special offer is at stake. If you want instant lead generation, offer an irresistible reward or perk, accompanied by a timer.


Engage with your future users by asking for feedback or suggestion even before the launch of your product. You can include a survey on your coming soon page so that you’ll if there are changes or adjustments that have to be made. 


State your purpose head-on! You can generate leads effectively if your visitors know what your brand is all about. They will also be more drawn to visiting again. 


coming soon page

It’s not the most beautiful and most aesthetically pleasing coming soon page. But what we appreciate the most about this pre-launch page is its straightforwardness. Right off the bat, visitors know what’s coming. It’s also complete with contact numbers, an automatic chat for customer service, and an invitation for newsletters. 


coming soon page

Keep it simple and go straight to the point. If your website is not a product or a subscription service, keep it simple and type in an appealing copy, alongside a signup field. 


State the benefits of your website right off the bat to appeal to your visitors. When you present common problems that your visitors might be experiencing, you are automatically making your website relatable. After that copy, you can present the solution in the form of your website. 

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