The Website Trends of 2022

Nothing is constant in the tech industry and the same goes for web design trends. To cope up with what gives impact, web design trends have been consistently changing year by year. What’s trendy in 2020 might seem outdated in 2021 and what is thought to be innovated by might seem extremely cliched come 2022. 

And you wouldn’t want potential clients and leads to turn away only because you have an outmoded and slow website design. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up the web design trends of 2022 to show what’s hot, what’s functional, and what’s new in the web development world. 

One-Page Websites

We never thought we’d see it but it’s finally here. Gone are the menus and navigation panels and make way for simple scroll navigation. When working with a portfolio or a single idea presentation, one-page websites is an innovative way to present. 

It functions best when you are working with narrower topics and gives you the stimulation of reading a flyer or a poster. Every vital information is stated upfront without further navigation and searching through multiple pages. 

Fewer Hero Images

We’ve seen the era of hero images but the time has come to say goodbye to this powerful trend. 2022 will open with designers breaking up with hero images and instead, will craft hero sections with pure design. 

Though hero images, especially high-quality and large photos, have proved to be a huge impact on website visitors, web designers think it’s high time to eliminate the distraction of massive pictures and focus more on design, style, and content. 

Oversized Typography

Oversized typography is the new bold trend for 2022. When unusually sized and strategically placed, words become more than just copy but an essential element to the overall web design. This is a great technique and trend to try if you are aiming for minimalist or maximalist design.

Motion Design

An emphasis on responsible motion design. 

Interactivity has become a standard practice in web design and is an appealing element for your website. However, it’s important to remember to be responsible with your motion design and do not go overboard with it. 

It can cause harm, such as motion sickness, to your visitors. Website features such as animation, mouse-triggered scaling, and parallax effect can easily trigger a person’s motion sickness. So be responsible. 

Collage illustration

We all have different preferences and we remember seeing someone cringe when a friend of hers whipped up Twitter on light mode. 

More and more companies are now starting to toggle on dark mode versions for their website. And we personally think it’s a magnificent idea!

Dark mode, night mode, and other low light user interfaces provide users with an easy-to-look website or application in dark environments. Usually, with websites, you’ll be able to see a dark mode toggle where you’ll be able to comfortably shift from light to dark mode. 

Gradient Color Schemes

Back in 2016, Instagram redesigned its logo with a gradient color scheme. It was entirely new to the eyes then but it did trigger a whole new era of modernized gradient logos and website designs. 

2021 rolled by and we’ve seen how far gradient color schemes have escalated and have become a trending website design and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon! 

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