The Best Website Design Examples for Small Businesses

A fully functioning and attractive website is one of the best ways to improve your business’s digital footprints. If you want to leave your customers with an excellent shopping experience, you have to make your website is functioning the way you want it to and of course, it should be nice to look at. 

Why do small businesses need a website? 

About 3 decades ago, people rely on physical directories to locate and contact businesses. The current times have 4.5 billion active internet users and they all use search engines.

As a small business, you might think that a Facebook business page and a phone are enough to get by. However, you are falling way behind everybody. 

The benefits of having a website for small businesses are:

  • Your appearance in the search engines allows potential customers to find your business and know about products and services
  • A fully functional website helps build credibility and trust with potential customers
  • Being in the same domain as bigger businesses, a website gives small businesses a chance to compete with them

If you are planning to improve your small business’ website design this year, check out the best examples below! 


A creator of Italian leather shoes and accessories, Velasca’s website extrudes an Italian atmosphere. It’s clean and simple, with appealing fonts and high-quality images. The drop-down menu has illustrations, showing you what type of shoes or accessories are the links for. 


Rhone creates high-tech sportswear and apparel for men who have an active lifestyle. To focus emphasis on the products, they are using bold fonts and monotone colors. They use high-quality images and useful calls-to-action, like “Shop Now” and “Select a Size.” 


If you are a fan of sustainability and natural materials, Allbirds offers all of that in their shoes. Their website is minimal, polished, and uses stunning product images that show the features and benefits of each product. The drop-down menu has easy-to-use navigation 


Madsen’s website screams outdoor, perfect for their “Bucket Bikes” product. The brand’s website design uses bright and bold colors that represent comfort, fun, and playfulness. The website also has instructional videos to help its customers fully utilize its products. 

MFMG Cosmetics

MFMG stands for Makeup for Melanin Girls. The best thing about this cosmetic company is that it aims to bring more inclusivity to the industry by designing and releasing products for those with darker skin tones. The brand has a simple website, with a natural color scheme that is similar to their products. They have a captivating call-to-action banner that offers a 10% discount code for visitors who sign up for the mail list. 

La La Land

La La Land is an online store that sells products made by a team of artists. Though the brand’s color scheme is pink and green, it also boasts a clean white background, which is perfect for giving emphasis to colorful products. They have a clear drop-down menu, paired with words in all caps. 

Wrightwood Furniture

Wrightwood Furniture has a physical store in Chicago but 12% of their revenue comes from their Shopify website (See! That’s how powerful a website is). The first thing you’ll see when you open their website is a high-quality and stunning image of their store. They have a simple menu and pictures that’ll help you navigate. To make things easier, they also have a useful search filter. 

I Love Mole

I Love Mole sells food products that are often used in Mexican cuisine. The brand’s personality can be seen in the website’s bold orange and yellow accents but it also has a white background that highlights its colorful products. 


To match its innovative and stylish products for cats and dogs, the website design boasts a sleek and futuristic design. It also uses bold-colored product images with outstanding copywriting that speaks of the brand. 

Silk and Willow

A wedding decor online boutique that creates sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. The whole website is grey and white, like most of their products’ colors but it also extrudes elegance and class. Perfect for wedding decors. 

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