The Best Website Color Schemes

Aside from content, a website’s design and color schemes play an important role in retaining visitors. It’s a minor thing most rookie designers would overlook but it actually plays a huge part in generating leads and increasing sales. 

So, if you’ve been thinking of creating your own website this year or trying to revamp your existing one, here are the best website color schemes you can apply to yours! 

The 2021 Color Trends

Saturated and Vivid Colors

Website Color Schemes

Look alive people! 2021 will be dominated by juicy and saturated colors paired with paler shades, making the vivid colors pop. 

After a depressing year plagued with the pandemic, designers are looking for positivity in cheery colors like corals, magentas, and oranges. These are vivid and rich colors that have an uplifting and refreshing effect on the eyes. 

Human Skin Tones

One of the most popular color palettes of 2021 is fixated on the diverse shades of human skin. This year, brands and designers are turning heads by incorporating the different hues of the skin into their designs. No, we are not talking about the small range of fair shades we’ve been seeing the past few years, instead, designers are delving into every inch of the skin tone chart. 

Analogous Palettes

Nothing is more relaxing to the eyes than colors that blend well together. This is another color palette that will take control of the designing realm. Analogous palettes are colors that easily unite with each other. They are easy to blend and easy to pair. 

Easy-on-the-eyes colors

The pandemic has brought about hours and hours of looking at our computer screens. Zoom meetings, online classes, and socially distanced celebrations have plagued our days. And then we learned that there are certain colors that are more comfortable to look at than the others. 

In 2021, those comfortable colors will be dominating the website and design world. This means simple, minimalistic designs and a load of natural colors that makes staring at the screen bearable. 

Pantone’s Color of the Year

Is it really the color of the year if it’s not mentioned in the list of color trends? Well, no. That’s why Pantone’s Color of the Year duo is a must on the roundup. 

Pantone’s Color of the Year is the combination of Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104), a color very close to a slab of concrete, and Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647), a soft sunset yellow. 

Ultimate Gray talks about solid and impenetrable and on the other hand, its partner is the exact contrast with Illuminating showing a lighter and hopeful color. 

Best Modern Website Color Schemes

Dark blue and white

If you are aiming for an elegant and polished website design, nothing really beats the classic combination of dark blue and white. 

Yellow and bright red

If you want attention at the first glance, slabber in some yellow on your website. Its ultimate combination? A bright red. McDonald’s, Lego, Wendy’s, and Burger King are only a few examples of what an awesome combination these two are. 

Pastel pink and dark blue

If you are leaning towards a feminine and innocent-feeling website, nothing really beats pastel pinks. Pair it with a dark blue accent makes call-to-action buttons and text visible and easy to read. 

Beige and dark grey

Simple, minimal, and warm. If that’s the feel you are going for, the perfect color scheme would be a mixture of beige and dark grey. These are very easy to use colors and it doesn’t dominate the website. Instead, it complements other colors. 

Red, green, yellow

Reading the names of these colors right off the hook might make your website a huge joke. But really, it’s not bad when you choose the right shades. When you tone down red, green, and yellow into warmer hues, you’ll be given colors that are pleasing to the eyes. 


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