Top 5 Dog Daycare Websites in 2020

Every dog owner must treat their canine friend like family members and this includes loving them to the fullest, making sure they are well taken care of, both physically and emotionally, and keeping their safety a priority. However, despite being absolutely smitten with them, there will always be instances where dog owners have to leave their dogs at home. 

If it’s a day at work or at school, dog owners can set up several types of devices installed around the house to know what their loveable critter is doing throughout the day. For extra safety and tracking purposes, collars with GPS and home alarm systems can also be another set of precautionary measures. But other than this simple one-day out of the house appointments, circumstances such as long-haul business trips and planned vacations are also unavoidable.

Sometimes friends and family members can’t take in and take care of the pet because of certain reasons and this is why dog owners often rely on the help of dog daycare centers. It’s like a child daycare, only it’s for dogs. 

This is one of the ways that a dog owner can assure the safety of their dogs. However, it is not easy to find one and you just can’t pick out a lottery box. Dog owners need to make sure that they are leaving their dog best friend into the daycare that fits its needs. And what better way to advertise by putting all your services online? 

Today, many dog daycare centers have established their digital presence through the creation of their websites. Because of the influx of users who heavily rely on the Internet, having a website has a significant impact when it comes to advertising their services to potential customers. 

And if you are looking for a dog daycare center then you came to the right place. Here are the top 5 Dog Daycare Websites in 2020.


dog daycare

Dogtopia is one of the award-winning dog daycare centers. And they completely deserve that award. The daycare consists of well-trained professionals and prioritizes utmost dog care, providing services such as boarding and spa services.  

Dogtopia’s website has extraordinary features where buttons can redirect you to their social media sites and a call-to-action “Find a location” attribute. The captured photos and videos are exceptional as they present cute puppies and dogs taken care of by their personnel. 

Their website has a combination of light colors, mainly orange, gray, and white background. Additionally, their website uses smooth sliders to highlight various images. The website is visually attractive to pet lovers, especially with potential customers, with their engaging content and blog posts. 


dog daycare

Rover is one the best pet care center located in Canada and the United States. They have the most trusted sitters, all professionals and specialists, that can take care of a man’s best friend. Rover offers services such as boarding, house sitting, dog walking, doggy day care, and drop-in visits. 

Rover’s website has a straightforward yet attractive design that catches the attention of pet lovers. It comes with advanced features and easy navigation that greatly benefits the user experience of the clients. They have a simple yet beautiful website design with neat and clean icons that are appealing for pet lovers. 

Rover also has their social media icons that enables clients to easily contact them and connect with the centers latest activities. 

Camp Bow Wow

dog daycare

Camp Bow Wow is a one of a kind dog care center. They offer services such as daycare, grooming, walking, training, boarding and poop scooping. They have more than 170 locations in Brookfield, Coronado and the best part is their personnel consists of fun-loving sitters that maximize the safety of your pet. 

Camp Bow Wow’s website is professionally-built with outstanding features, intended to highlight the company’s superb services. The site consists of smooth animations and an exceptional design that includes an animated header with an introductory video of the brand’s services. Camp Bow Wow’s website comprises of white spaces and visually appealing colors, making the web elements stand out. 

Fetch! Pet Care

dog daycare

Fetch! Pet Care has been serving pet owners for over 17 years. They are a trusted partner in keeping your pets safe, happy and healthy as they have the best services for dog walking, overnight visits, pet sitting and a lot more. 

Clients are at ease with this company because it matches its clients with the best suited professional that knows how to handle and provides for  your dog’s needs. Pet owners can travel with an ease of mind knowing their loving pets are in good hands. It is one of the most trusted franchise providers of professional dog care services. 

Their website is user-friendly, allowing pet owners to easily specify the service they want to avail. Moreover, to prove their credibility, they have blog posts and testimonials from previous customers, covering their satisfaction with the company’s services. They have one of the simplest website design but are sure to attract potential customers. 

Chicago Pet Sitters

Chicago Pet Sitters offer the most comfortable and secure pet care services. Their petcare firm prioritizes your pet to have the best care when you are not around. Their team comprises honest, reliable, and animal-loving individuals who work together to ensure their clients’ pets receive the utmost care. 

Chicago Pet Sitters website design reflects the brand’s credibility. It displays a bold and sleek headline with an enjoyable image background. The main services they offer look great with the grid layout it uses where the images and short descriptions are perfectly combined. Their blogs and testimonial section looks stunning with the nice slider as well as Instagram feed. Their website has a magnificent look with great clear pictures.


Choosing the perfect daycare for your dog might prove to be a bit stressful and carefulness is a must before ultimately deciding to hire one. You have to make sure that the daycare you eventually choose has a good reputation and can give you a hundred percent assurance that your pet is in safe hands. 

Testimonials from their website, as well as online reviews, can help you decide whether their boarding, daycare services, grooming, walking, sitting and other services are top-notched and up to your expectations. 

Hope the list above helps you choose a dog daycare website that can provide you and your pet with great services. 

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