Top 5 Best Law Firm Websites in 2020

Back in the good old days, law firms sent out press releases and announcements, such as cases and new additions to the firm, to the local or national newspapers and held press conferences as a way to disseminate information. But that took a 360-degree turn in the lieu of technological advancement, press releases, and other law firms transactions are now easily accessible and available online.  

Lawsuits are no fun. It’s stressful and definitely bothersome for most of us. However, it does come at some point in our life and when it does, we need the right law firm that offers services and knowledge on the victims’ rights and entitlements. Today, a law firm’s presence online is essential for clients who often use the Internet to find appropriate lawyers in their area. 

The field of law is competitive and the stakes are exceptionally high. One client can mean tens of thousands of dollars in fees. In order to snag one using your digital presence, an engaging website design is one factor to consider when it comes to attracting clients. 

If you want more insight on the best law firm websites this 2020, check out the list below! 


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If you face a DUI charge, you better visit LadyDUI, owned by a solo practitioner Teresa DiNardi. Her team is readily available to assess your case and can answer your questions over the phone. LadyDUI also makes sure that you are at ease by handling everything regarding your case. 

LadyDUI has a terrific website design using color and patterns to subtly pull everything together. The site cover is mainly composed of blue and purple color combinations, and DiNardi shows her pinstriped suit somehow as part of the theme. The website has call-to-action features in front and center of the design, letting a potential client know that reaching out to her firm will ease their stress. LadyDUI website has a good animation design and a well-organized top menu button broken down by a DUI stage. This website is the best example of attracting clients with powerful visuals and keeping them on page by supplying all the information they might need. 

Teresa DiNardi’s law firm website works well for a solo attorney. The site simply makes DiNardi an approachable lawyer while emphasizing her expertise. This type of website is perfect when marketing yourself as a solo practitioner. 

Randal Lowry and Associates

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Randal Lowry and Associates is one of the best family law firms that are deeply trusted by its clients. It is located in Northeast, Ohio, and for 44 years, has dedicated to helping families with significantly complex cases. They are highly recognized as one of the best law firms in the country that handles all types of domestic relations such as high net worth divorces, held businesses, division of retirements, and child custody issues. Their clients are at ease because of their team of highly-skilled attorneys. 

Randal Lowry and Associates is one of the best family law firms trusted by the people. It is located in Northeast Ohio, and for 44 years, they are dedicated to helping every family with the most complex and significant cases. Their website displays a perfect visual of the tough-skinned Rhino that reflects their services. Their content is clean and well presented with a mix of capital letters and cursive lowercase and the overall visuals of their website are outstanding.

LB3 Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, LLP

LB3 is the best premier boutique law firm dedicated to helping companies with telecommunications and information technology matters. Companies can trust LB3 to handle transactions and cases for network services, software and hardware acquisitions, outsourcing, managed services, cloud computing, and other complex technology deal preparations. They have the best lawyers in this field. 

LB3 website shows a good example of how to do a good marketing law firm site. The blend of their design heavily promotes their expertise in the firm. Their front page consists of different clear sections, such as news sections, articles, and information on upcoming conferences. Th overall graphic design of their website is exceptional.

Unorthodox Legal

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Unorthodox Legal law firm is a solo firm founded by Ashely Williams. Ashely offers effective legal counsel for business owners and for people in the case of personal injury. She is known to be the unorthodox lawyer behind the brand. Williams provides a one-stop contract shop where her clients can ask for her services with a fixed-price agreement. Unorthodox Legal law firm also offers specialized service agreements for makeup artists and photographers.

The firm’s website displays magnificent creativity and stands out even with a minimalist design. It catches the client’s attention with their unique combination of black, gray, and white shades and even the content of the website is deeply appreciated as it is a mix of inspirational quotes and legal tips. 

Kraayeveld Law Offices

law firm

Kraayeveld Law Offices has attorneys whose expertise lies in matters of divorce, custody, and family-related legal issues. Their lawyers are known for taking time in order to determine the best course of action to solve a case. 

The website of Kraayeveld Law Offices highlights calls to action feature, “Start a Conversation Today!” where the firm can help the client navigate issues concerning divorce and child custody. Family law cases are tough subjects on the market, so Kraayeveld neatly sidesteps the situation with a series of taglines that acknowledge the fact that divorce can be daunting, and custody battles can be complex. The firm does a good deal of content marketing, and the technique is proven to work well, immediately attracting a client’s attention. The design of the website is noticeable with the images fading from dark to light.


A law firm website should make it easier for clients to connect and understand the firm’s services by highlighting vital information, expertise, and special services. Make sure that you have insightful and meaningful content that prioritizes your client’s needs. 

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