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In the age of social media wherein creating an online presence and branding is as easy as a one-two step, is there still a charm in building your own personal website?

Personally, I think there is a rustic charm that comes with a personal website that enables you to customize how you want to be viewed online despite the newer and trendier styles like Instagram. Since personal websites allow you to take your pick from the font color to the font style, background, and overall aesthetic, it sets a personality that even a well-curated feed cannot achieve. 

What exactly is a personal website? 

A personal website is basically a web page created by an individual to showcase personal content, primarily informative or entertainment topics or even just a traditional type of online journal – which can either center on the author or the reader. 

While it was first used as a space to share ideas and thoughts on a variety of topics with an online community, it has generously evolved through time to a more professional manner acting as an online resume, portfolio, and even as a business platform. 

Here are 15 of the best personal websites that you should absolutely visit!

There are various and actually endless niches that you can dive right in but here are the most popular blogging niches and the top blogs in the specific category. 

Pinch of Yum

This has been one of the top recommended food blogs on the web founded by Lindsay, a former fourth grade teacher who is now living the full time blogger life. Her website is very easy to use and not to mention also aesthetically-pleasing with that dash of purple pop. 

The site contains a massive library of recipes with equally delectable photos perfect for those who are trying to browse through a lot of options. What makes it very user-friendly is that it also has a filter option which narrows down your choices and makes sifting through recipes more comfortable. 

Budget Bytes

If you’re looking for cooking recipes but you’re on a budget, then this is your answer. Launched by Beth Moncel who is neither a professional chef or a financial expert but just someone with passion in cooking and a self-confessed number cruncher, she believes that cooking on a budget does not mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night. 

The site entices you to taste her recipes without feeling guilty that you would be spending so much on one hearty meal or snack. She also collaborated with SideChef to bring her audience the app version of her site with over 500 recipes only for $2.99!

Green Kitchen Stories

With everything that is happening today, subscribing to a healthy food blog to widen your food options along with a dose of exercise can definitely help you get back on the healthy lifestyle track. Green Kitchen Stories, founded by Luise Vindahl and David Frenkiel, is our top notch recommendation in this category. 

Not only will your eyes be full with their on-point food photography, you will also learn a lot from their skilled recipes as well as from their stories of life and travel! 

Akansha Redhu

With over 175,000 followers on instagram, Akansha Redhu is definitely on top of the fashion icon list. Though her name might not be as popular as Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, Akansha is still a force to be reckoned with as one of India’s top fashion blogs.

Her site is simple and clean, filled with treasures of stories from her everyday looks to travel posts to lifestyle and beauty tips, and she even lets her readers feel like they’re joining in with her in events she would go to. What started only as an idea to journal her fashion statements has now grown into a community! 

The Fashion Advocate

The Fashion Advocate was founded by Australian fashion blogger, Claire Goldsworthy. Her style diary revolves around the idea of sustainable fashion, veering away from the latest trend looks you would normally see. 

If you want to know more about fashion that saves the trees and promotes zero-waste, hop on her blog. You will definitely learn a lot while enjoying her storytelling style. You can also do a little side-shopping with garments and materials that are sure eco-friendly!

Accidental Icon

Crossing the line over 50 does not mean you can not dress classy or elegantly. Lyn Slater, our sixty-something grandma, is not afraid to take on new styles with floral kimonos, flaming hot oversized sunglasses, and tassel earrings. Not only is she breaking barriers, she is also raising the bar up high for all the ladies out there. 

Creating. Curating. Collaborating. Accidental Icon is a very sleek-designed site showcasing Lyn and her Vogue-like poses in attractive thumbnails that will definitely make you want to click and read. 

Legal Nomads

If you’re asking why it’s called legal nomads, it’s because founder Jodi Ettenberg is a former corporate attorney who thought she was just taking a sabbatical from law but surprisingly found a career in travel and writing. 

Her site is not just a place for stories of food and travel but has also become a reliable resource for those who would like to try what she did. There are travel tips and resources as well writing courses! Her blog has been featured on many renowned platforms like The New York Times and National Geography and has also bagged several awards. 

Amateur Traveler

Newbie in travelling? You’re gonna be just fine. Amateur Traveler provides content for anyone who is just beginning on this adventure. From planning to budgeting to places you shouldn’t miss, this site has got it all for you. 

The adventure started with Chris Christensen and his podcast in 2005 which grew to a blog two years later, helping out every traveller in need of reliable information. Or for those who do not yet have the luxury of travelling, Amateur Traveler takes you around the world through his lens. 

A Broken Backpack

Melissa Giroux from Quebec, Canada is unlike other travellers who take in the scenery and the food in a few days of vacation. She takes travelling on a whole new level by living in it!

Her site is full of resources and information that every traveler would need. Since she spends more time, even years, living in the country or region, her insights on the area also include how to find occasional work to survive and also be able to travel further. 

The Art of Non-Conformity

Founded by Chris Guillebeau, the Art of Non-Conformity is as unconventional as it sounds. Here, Chris introduces his readers to inspiring yet dangerous ideas to live a remarkable life. But he does not stop with just words to inspire action. He also provides hands-on strategies on how to deal with these obstacles and ultimately live your life on your own terms. He leaves you with a full weapon to be the remarkably unconventional individual that you need to be. 

His site is simple and easy to navigate. There might be less visuals to attract attention but once you read one blog, you will surely come back for more. 

James Clear

The site might not look so much with a minimalistic and straightforward approach but the content is definitely a scrumptious meal for your mind and soul. James Clear offers an excellent range of topics from habits to routines to bettering yourself. His articles are very well-researched and approach it in a very light way which makes the tone very interesting.

He is known for his book “Atomic Habits” which has been one of the most-recommended books if you want practical tips for creating lasting habits. 

Career Girl Daily

Every girl needs a lending hand and this is exactly what Career Girl Daily aims to do. Setting out on a new chapter of your life aka “adulting” can be very challenging but this blog will definitely walk you through how to nail an interview, dress for success, and plan like a boss. 

Like James Clear or The Art of Non-Conformity, the aesthetic is still minimal but it has a certain kick to it which sets it apart from others in the same niche. 

The Balanced Life

“Grace over guilt.” That has been Robin Long’s motto that she has employed as a fitness instructor. This mom of four founded The Balanced Life offering a variety of free Pilates and barre workouts designed to help busy moms like her (or even just busy women) fit exercises into their jam packed schedule and make it a regular routine. 

The blog also has a very supportive membership community where you can find healthy recipes that go well with your exercises, intentional living tips, and other targeted workouts to help you become your best self. 

Yoga with Adrienne

We all know that yoga is an effective way of keeping fit and if that’s part of your wellness plan, then Adrienne got you covered. Her site hosts hundreds of free yoga videos at varying intensities. Whether you’re a beginner or already familiar with some yoga exercises, you can find something that will fit you here. She also has yoga workouts for different health scenarios that can surely help you stay in tiptop shape!


Zen Habits

This site was launched in 2007 by blogger Leo Babuta, sharing his mindfulness journey. While maintaining a fit and healthy body, let us not forget to put equal importance on our mental wellness. In this blog, Leo approaches a simplified life reflected on its very minimal aesthetics covering a wide range of topics from quitting your job, pursuing minimalism, dealing with death, overcoming fear, cultivating creativity and many more. 


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