Top 15 Best Modern Blog Website Examples

Blogging is considered an extraordinary way to keep your webpage at the highest or top of search result pages. However, you’ll need to pick an outstanding amongst other blog sites to ensure you have all the features you require which is no little feat when you see the number of writing for blog platforms available out there! 

It’s no new idea that something modern yesterday is totally outdated today. Along these lines, when searching for contemporary web design, make certain to review the so-called trends in website design. New kinds of modern site examples are showing up each day, and we could always impart them to you every single day as well. 

Do you want to know the stuff to make it onto this list? Just check keep scrolling and check below.


Nike is a popular company worldwide, it has in fact passed a long time of developing itself. For now, they are recognized as trendsetters not only in the world of sportswear. Several smaller companies are even trying to learn and adopt Nike’s business style as well as strategies in the longing to build something comparable. 

Yes, it’s true! Following the dinosaurs is such a  great way to learn and create. The Nike website is a great example of a modern website, a great combination of conviction, conciseness, and fashion.


Cisco is an American transnational company that also deserves to be on the top list. It is an experienced goliath in the realm of business. 

The website of this company speaks to the interest in future development and interest in strong advancements. The home page of a site contains moving blocks with news from the blog, menu button which disentangles navigation and is generally pleasant for everyone’s eye. Cisco speaks to an extraordinary combination of products and informational resources.

Adidas Yung Series

Adidas Yung Series site stands beside the main trends. It utilized an ugly design, inspired by fashion at the beginning of site advancement. 

This example site can be taken simply by two inverse perspectives: you love it or you disdain it. This aggressive style will in general concentrate your feelings and overstate your sentiments separated from the sneakers themselves. Accordingly, everything works out. Since, supposing that you feel something about the advertisement, you likely notify and remember the product as well. That is the way how modern marketing works.

Tell ’em Steve-Dave

A site dedicated to the audio podcast of Kevin Smith. Definitely, the style perfectly reflects the atmosphere inside the audio stories. It consolidates a dim shading palette with bright cartoon images, animated page icons, and stands out from the appearances of the authors on the About page. 

The features of this website are still in development. The webmaster chose to make such a section of the site in subdomains. It diverts you to a сoresponding domain on the off chance that you click on a specific button. Check whether this choice is appropriate and suitable for your own business. Likewise, you can check the Soundcloud integration on the site, which is helpful for modern websites for record label studios, musicians, and portfolios.


Giftscoah is a gift finder’s site, which is clear right from the main screen. The UX design is amazingly easy to use and very popular due to the simple and easy navigation in the header featuring the main categories, clear and successful source of inspiration, minimalistic, yet very creative design.


Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval was established way back in 1883 in Sweden. For the present, they are a well-known and notable corporation working in innovation areas of heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling. 


We are totally in love with their site. The company generally works in the B2B segment, yet the website is such an ideal business card for their products and services. It draws in by curtness and simplicity alongside open communication with each of their clients. Plus, quick navigation boards help to locate the needed information on the website in just a single click. Additionally, bright Illustrations make the client experience exceptionally pleasurable. 

Crunch Base

Crunch Base is a website being designed intended for networks. Here businesspersons are permitted to list their companies, searching for investors, partners, and colleagues. It is anything but difficult to locate the required sections, utilizing wide measures of search options. Search in a single click by utilizing the general inquiry panel in the header. Modern Network web design is described by instinctive navigate options, various possibilities for registering an account (personal, company account). It contains an unobtrusive basic design with pastel calm tones. 

Jen Sincero

The perfect time has now come to explore the contemporary portfolio website. Jen Sincero has built up her own style for presenting herself. She utilizes the white-blue-yellow shading palette, extraordinary word combinations (“badass baby”), call-to-action-buttons, which together line up a comprehensive image. 

We wager Jen built up this style for quite a while, rolling out slight improvements in perfection. Also, presently this turned out for her successful career being a life coach. 


Discogs– popularly known as a music website. This is a commercial place and presentation of music albums. New releases and even old vinyl records. The website is considered modern in the way it’s navigation works. There are comfortable fillers that help you to figure out the entire measure of accessible music. Overall look if the website doesn’t divert the user’s attention from the primary theme – fulfillment from most loved and favorite music. 


The footer contains numerous helpful links for interested individuals. Social media following is a contemporary must-have for socializing your item inside targeting groups. The help center and blog intend to interface with clients for instructive purposes. 



This is the website of the company occupied with branding and advertising. The main page permits you to instantly get to know the company, to recognize its features and advantages or benefits you’ll get. The website has only a couple of pages – the main categories, that is considered as such a good online business card! 


As is custom with this sort of site, there is at least a minimum of functionality and content. The dynamic design makes charming impressions and smoothes the minimalism. 


This is a site of the American cosmetics brand and is an illustration of excellent eCommerce design, made in a modern and sophisticated black and white style. 


The main page with the Landing Page structure and a stupendous video on the main screen is focused on a VIP client. Then, when you hover the cursor, the arrow animation with the zoom impact will promptly stand out and get your attention. You need to make only two clicks to get to the item card! 


Cedric Pereira

This is one simple but comes with a well-structured and great design portfolio that could truly get the attention of every user.


The creativity here begins in a real sense «on the spot»: the spot is the primary interesting and very creative inventive component on the principle page, and this is the main thing you see while the site is loading. 


This site is recognized for its minimalistic, concise, yet classy design– it is a great illustration of an online business card that permits you to dive into the company’s activities, contemplating its services and various open doors it offers you in detail. 


Focus on how smart site structure and concept is, the way a small catalogue with a portrayal of services and an active feedback button help to shape the progression of clients! 


This is a modern site that has applied the absolute freshest trends: a full-screen menu, a staggering fill of clear buttons, enormous refined symbols, and backgrounds with a linear gradient. This is only an incredible UX-design with a clear route and the capacity to look over and scroll the content! 


Soulight App

Try to check and take a look at this fabulous, yet the exceptionally calm design of the mobile application site, that was made to diminish stress and improve the enthusiastic condition of an individual. 


This is perhaps the best illustration of a web design, that suits the application’s main goal!

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