The Best Portfolio Designs To Inspire You

A portfolio is a designer’s opportunity to show their work, skills, and experience. This is a window where you can showcase what you can do and your capability as a designer. For graphic designers, this is the visual résumé that can help them push for success and opportunities. Alongside their creative works, the portfolio designs also matter. 

The portfolio design can make or break your career. When you fail to design your portfolio in a way that best highlights your design, there is a huge possibility that you are driving your clients away at first glance. 

In this post, we are displaying some of the most beautiful and effective portfolio designs that can help you design your own. 

If you are just starting your portfolio or upgrading your current one, here are some portfolio designs that can inspire you! 

Adrien Loret

Portfolio Designs

Paris-based designer Adrien Loret uses his portfolio to showcase his passion for illustration, typography, and photography. His website is clean and minimalistic and clearly shows each project. He further emphasizes his work by making use of white space. 

Chris Tammar

Portfolio Designs

Designer Chris Tammar showcases various of his graphic design work through a simple and intuitive portfolio website. His logo is placed at the top and catches the attention of his visitors, giving his brand a personality. He utilizes a clean, square grid to highlight multi-faceted creative work. 

This particular design is the ideal example of “less is more.” His portfolio only has two links. A page for his portfolio and another for his contact details.

Made Architects

Portfolio Designs

Made Architect is a design firm which portfolio showcases architecture, interior design, and furniture design projects. On the home page, you’ll be able to see the awards of this firm, assuring potential clients that they are a legitimate design firm. On another page, they have case studies on selected projects. 

Mingfei Yang

Portfolio Designs

Game designer Mingfei Yang uses a black background as the base color of his portfolio. When black is used right, it is a powerful design color. In the case of Minghei’s portfolio, the black background color points out the vibrancy of his design. 

Elizabeth O’meara

Graphic designer Elizabeth O’meara has a wide experience in the graphic design field. She creates packaging design, magazine, catalog design, logo design, wedding invitations, websites, and more! Her portfolio is beautifully featured in a horizontal scrolling gallery, showcasing various of her extensive creative work. She has a minimalist design and uses a pastel palette. 

Brook Perryman

Brook Perryman’s design portfolio can be considered as an ideal approach to any design portfolio website. Right at the homepage, Brook lays out her best work, catching the attention of potential clients and prompting them to explore her portfolio website.

She has a section that showcases the rest of her broad creative work, for client testimonials, a bio that includes her resume, and a page for her contact details. 

Kuon Yagi

Tokyo-based web and UX designer Kuon Yagi has one unique portfolio that really catches the attention of visitors. First, it features a full interactive background, and using animations throughout the portfolio is also a killer move. Second, Kuon Yagi’s carefully selected color palette is one eye-catching scheme. 

Daniel Polevoy

Product designer Daniel Polevoy uses a scrolling design to showcase his designs. One item is being shown as you scroll down, giving you a clear look at the design without being influenced by other work. If you want to emphasize your design, this is a good approach. 

His portfolio is the perfect example of minimalism. His website portfolio contains no huge headlines of words. It’s just one full screen of his creative work. 

Eugene So

Rhode Island-based graphic designer Eugene So uses a split-page website layout. This is a modern page design that utilizes one half of the page to display an image while the other half contains information related to the photo. 

More details also open up on the same window with no loading delays. Her portfolio is beautifully designed and enhances the user experience. 

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