The Best Design Examples for a Wedding Website (Updated 2021)

Creating a website can be hard. Designing your website can be harder. You just have a lot to choose from and there are a lot of ways in which you can design your website.

Always remember to just keep calm and understand your website well at first. Once you understand your website, it will be easier to design it. Also, remember not to overdo it and keep your website simple but pleasing to the eye of whoever may view it. There are a lot of ways in which you will be able to design your website for your special day.

Preparing for a wedding can be stressful and tedious at times. There are a lot of things that you need to do and prepare for such as venues, dates, motifs, and reception. But one way that you can effectively promote and share your wedding is to make a website about it. It’s been a trend these past few years to make a website about almost everything there is so why not do one for your wedding?

Here are a few tips on how to personalize your wedding website design

Regardless of which options you pick, you can still make your wedding site as remarkable and unique as you may be. Making the site around your wedding color is such a great way to flaunt your personality and give a trace of what’s to come to the ceremony. You might need to consider making a wedding logo and utilize that as a jumping-off point for your design aesthetic. 

In general, a wedding website design ought to reflect who you and your partner are as a couple, just as your dreams for your new life together as a married couple. Little details can hugely bring impact to the overall feel. Try not to underestimate little design details like text styles and backgrounds. Each square inch of your site is another opportunity to exhibit your style and let guests realize what’s in store from the upcoming ceremonies.

Stick With Your Theme

You’ve invested such a huge time, energy, and effort into planning your wedding’s theme and palette, so make most as much as possible from it. Utilize a similar style when designing your wedding site, as well. 

Try not to Mention Invite-Only Events 

Yes, each and every person who has access to your site is on your wedding guest list, yet that doesn’t mean they’re on all the guests. In case you’re having exclusive events, similar to a rehearsal dinner that is only for the wedding party or a bridesmaids-just lunch get-together, leave those off of the site and offer that information independently so you don’t cause guests to feel forgotten about. 

Utilize a Password 

Most wedding site platforms give you the alternative to password protect your site, and it’s a choice we recommend for you to use. Wedding sites contain private information,  starting from your wedding venue and wedding date (grub for wedding crashers) to your postage information (for non-registry gifts). 

Avoid Digital RSVPs 

While this feature may appear to be enticing, consider the last time you put an event on Facebook. Odds are you had so many friends show up at your birthday celebration who didn’t RSVP—just as friends who said they’d be there and afterwards bailed.  

Incorporate Detailed Travel Information 

Regardless of whether your celebration is local or you’re having a far-flung wedding, there will be guests rolling in from away, so it’s a nice idea to give them the 4-1-1 on travels as well as accommodations. 

Include as well the information about the closest airport or the most ideal way to reach the town, just like the sites, phone numbers, and booking codes for any hotels nearby where you have a room block. Remember any discounts you’ve made sure about for airport transports or rental vehicles. 

Remember the Timeline 

If ever that you’ve planned any events around your wedding date (that everybody’s welcome too), don’t ever forget to include them on your site. Add the time, specific location, and dress code for every event so that your guests can pack likewise and ensure they’re on the said time and schedule.

To help you with this dilemma, here are the top 15 best design examples for a wedding website in which you can get an idea and spark your creativity.

Luke & Charlotte

wedding websites

Luke & Charlotte is a wedding website built with Squarespace using the Charlotte template. The symmetrical design of this centered navigation is something you might love. This site is truly a great example of a wedding website with the classic muted green and pink. If you want to go for a simple look and approach, better take notes from the design of this site.

Naomi & Aaron

wedding websites

Naomi & Aaron is a wedding website built with Squarespace and with the use of the Naomi template which is readily available there. This example includes a little bit more color than the usual wedding sites and other Squarespace examples. It also includes boler typography styles and the classic Squarespace look with a clean and contemporary style. This site includes a lot of space that you can fill in with images.

Sam & Emma

Sam & Emma is a wedding website built with WordPress and with the use of a Sweetinz template. It showcases a simple watercolor wedding template that brings soft greens and lots of floral patterns to achieve a natural look. This design can be very useful for those with a specific natural or floral motif.

Kylla & Mike

wedding website

Kylla & Mike is a wedding website built with Squarespace using the Sonny template. This design boasts of its clean and elegant design. It is what most couples look for in a wedding website, plus it has lots of room for showcasing engagement photos.

Ankush & Richa

Ankush & Richa is a wedding website for an Indian couple built with the use of proper organization and styling techniques that makes the page look engaging and interesting for those who will see it. The page comes with a lot of cool features and there are separate buttons for the groom’s guests as well as the bride’s guests.  

The event’s details are well placed and easy to find for all guests and it even includes a countdown timer up to the big day. If you take a look at this site, the first thing you’ll see is a picture of the couple and their wedding invitation printed in a nice font.

The Aisle

wedding websites

The Aisle is a wedding website built through the WordPress tool and also with the use of The Aisle template. This site is popular for those who want to have a lot of big spaces for photography. With this big of a space, you can surely put in a lot of content in terms of texts and images.

Julia & Sam

wedding websites

Julia & Sam is a wedding website built with Squarespace using the Julia template. It features a sophisticated and elegant design plus plenty of whitespace.

Sarah & Josh

wedding websites

Sarah & Josh is a wedding website built with Wix using the Romantic Wedding Invite template. It is one of the better examples of a wedding website builder incorporated with Wix. It’s simple yet has a beautiful floral background that can be accustomed to your chosen theme.

At the very top, you may notice an invitation with the date of the celebration. It is then followed by the couple’s love story, the location and how to get there.

End of the Year

End of the Year is a wedding website built with Squarespace using the Royce template. It is a simple one-page site that could still cater your wedding needs. It is also good for wedding announcements.

Anya & Deven

wedding website

Anya & Deven is a wedding website built with Squarespace using the Anya template. It is a great example of you are looking for inspiration about a destination wedding website.

Tanya & Josh

wedding website

Tanya & Josh is a wedding website built with Wix using the Classic Wedding Invite template. The site has a good taste in design. It is also clean and spacious that gives a lot of room for the lovely engagement photos.

Aubrey & Paul

wedding website

Aubrey & Paul is a wedding website built with Squarespace using the Aubrey template. It’s clean and simple design containing a huge amount of white space is what may catch the attention of its clients. Guests are ensured not to experience information overload as the site prioritizes to provide the important details and nothing more. Guests can simply click on the website’s menu whenever they are looking for information they need.

Helen and Josh Sitting in a Tree

Fall in love with the idea of this great wedding website even after the first glance. Feel the romantic excitement as you pass through the brief story of how Helen and Josh met and how they fall in love with each other through a comic sketch. The tree is the central object of the site design where you can interact and find out their story. Through clicking the link, you can also watch a fun video that the newlyweds created for the guests!

Suntina & Famico

wedding website

Suntina & Famico is a wedding website built with WordPress using the Bibaho template. Interesting fragments of videos are found in the background header, and the flashing Save the Date headline seen at the bottom.

The site offers you anything you might need to have the perfect organization of the celebration and can also be used to inform guests about any nuances. You can find within a wedding countdown, a photo gallery, a timeline of the couple’s courtship, and a detailed schedule of the event.

She Said Yes

She Said Yes is a wedding website built with Wix using the Modern Wedding Invite template. This site features big, bold photography which could be a good fit to showcase your engagement photos.

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