The Best Blogs in 2020

If you own an online business, it is necessary to post personal blogs related to your trade. Posting blog articles is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and blog writers have their own individual writing style to make content engaging. It is also important to remember that the more the content carries clarity and precision, the more your target audience would want to read your blog posts. 

Top-rated blogs on different websites, social media, and even on YouTube have plenty of traffic. Apart from the popularity that any website can gain from personal blogs, they can also get a lucrative income source for talented bloggers. The more engaging your blog is, the more traffic you have, which will eventually become your source of income. 

However, even though content is king, sometimes it is not enough and even the most popular of all blogs pay attention to one other thing and that is design. And if you want to have a successful career online, make sure you have your best blog articles posted to an equally well-designed blog. 

If you are looking for the best blog examples in 2020 that will inspire you to strive more in your business, you are on the right page. Here are a wide variety of best blogs in 2020.

9 examples of the Best Blogs and their Niches

This article has selected the currently most popular blog with their niches. This list should inspire you to create your own personal blog in a niche you are passionate about. This is a big opportunity to learn from the best online businesses, so please check the best examples. 

Lifestyle Blogs

  1. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a business that helps people with their home’s interior design. Apartment Therapy was founded by Maxwell Ryan, who is an interior designer, in 2001. His blog has 20 million followers and covers topics such as lifestyle, interior designing, DIY design tips, and shopping guides. They also sell products through affiliate links. 

2. Say Yes

Say Yes is an award-winning blog and is one of the best lifestyle blogs as of today. It was launched by Liz Stanley in 2006 and leans more on the topic of being a mom. She is a mother of three children and her content shares useful life advice, lifestyle, DIY, food, and travel. She earns by affiliate links, social media, and sponsored articles. 

  1. A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo was launched by Joanna Goddard in 2007. She started with her weekend hobby, which turned out to be her full-time job, and today she is a super lifestyle blogger. In fact, her website is barely a personal blog anymore, for Jo has a team of professional writers who share her interests. A Cup of Jo shares blogs about style, design, motherhood, travel, relationships, and food. The main source of the business income is product sales and affiliate links.

Health and Fitness Blog Examples

1. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal shares blog articles about fitness and health, especially with weight loss, nutrition facts, inspiration, and recipes. It is an online platform that advocates having a physically fit lifestyle. The site offers a great set of mobile apps that allow users to keep track of their weight, exercises, and more. My Fitness Pal is a lively blog good for people who want to learn all things related to fitness. They get their income from their products and subscription sales.

2. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is a unique website that targets “nerds, misfits, and mutants” by helping them get in shape. Their exceptional blog covers articles such as home workouts, weight loss and they even provide private coaching. It leans more on being an educational blog where readers can learn more about workouts and exercises. As of today, Nerf Fitness has 25 team members, led by award-winning personal trainer Jim Bathurst. Their sources of income are their products and subscription sales. 

  1. Love Sweat Fitness

If you are looking for a female-centered fitness blog then Love Sweat Fitness might be the one for you. It was launched by Katie Dunlop in 2014 and is focused on providing fitness services to women. The site also features lifestyle, nutrition, and workout plans. Other than that, it also provides you with a software with features that are beneficials to your journey to fitness. They earn from their products and subscriptions.  

Food Blog Examples

1. Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen is an award-winning blog launched by Deb Perelman with topics such as food recipes and travel. The blog revolves around Deb’s kitchen, where she shared her experiments and unique recipes to the cooking world. If you visit her website, you will see a very nice feature. It is the “Surprise Me!” section where a random recipe will be suggested. The main sources of this site’s income are ads and book sales. 

  1. Rainbow Plant Life

Rainbow Plant Life has 400 000 followers on social media, including its YouTube channel. It was founded by a Nisha lawyer whose interests are food recipes, food, photography, and lifestyle. She decided to start her business on blogging, where she shares all kinds of vegan recipes to the world. Her website is earning from product sales. 

  1. Cookie and Kate

Cookie and Kate is a popular food blog featuring vegetarian recipes. Kate, the owner of the blog site, decided to pursue her passion for food in 2010. Her blog posts are composed of several categories making it very intuitive and entertaining to her followers. She also wrote a cookbook that you can buy on her website. She is earning by the ads and book sales.


Right now, blogs in different niches such as food, technology, lifestyle, travel, fashion, music, movies, health, news, finance, digital marketing, personal development, and others have gained popularity around the world. If you are interested in these niches or have that passion for launching a personal blog, you need to do it by yourself through hard work. There is no ultimate formula for becoming one of the best bloggers. You just need to believe in yourself. Be sure that you learn how to make your content engaging enough to get the attention for your readers and they will eventually return for more. Your way to success is your determination and hard work.

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