STEP 5: Design or pick a based theme (Updated 2021)

STEP 5: Design or pick a base theme

How to make a website

Building a website can feel like a mind-boggling assignment to do. There are a large number of choices and stores to look over, and you don’t know precisely where to begin.

Making your website ought to be simple, fun, and customizable. When you’ve chosen a web hosting plan, the road to building your site would now be able to begin. 

Themes are style sheets and collections of formats that are all used to characterize the appearance and display on your website. To put it simply, they are a collection of content and data that show layouts, media, images, and design elements to your website.

Remember that selecting the right theme is crucial to your website since themes are being designed in order to cater to different kinds of markets.

choosing a website theme

Moreover, the right theme used on your website affects how much traffic you get in addition to your media functionality, engagement, and sponsorships. Perhaps viewers or audiences were able to visit your website and read your entries with one theme as opposed to being attracted to the aesthetic of other websites.

Each theme is intended to feature the work you’ve already finished. For instance, try to think that your website is a paint by numbers canvas, you choose a theme and then plugins in order to enhance your content to create a masterpiece.

Here are a few steps that may help you to select the right theme which perhaps will make the right impression on the viewers.

You need to characterize the tone, look, and feel

You have to characterize what psychological effect you want to send on your viewers or users.

Selecting the right theme is somewhat similar to picking the style for a room in your home or condo. At the point when you want to put decorations in a room, you have to choose what visual effect you need it to have on guests, and how it will cause individuals to feel when they live in or if they’re the one who is gonna use the room. Will it be classical or modern, calming, or stimulating? All of the materials you put in that room as well as the shading scheme will add to its ambiance. It is a lot similar when you pick a theme for your website.

List the functional requirements needed for your website

choosing a website theme

You ought to have a rundown of functional requirements for your website (for instance a comment section, shopping cart, forum, and so on). While choosing a theme, you should search for one that already incorporates the majority of your most significant functions, so you can check, assess and test them in the live demo site, and then address and ask the developer on the off chance that you have any inquiries regarding their functionality. 

It would be rare to look for an ideal template that comes with all the functionality you need, so make sure that you explore and check the available plugins and then test these out before proceeding to buy a theme.

Additionally, here are the other factors to consider.


In some instances, the most noteworthy looking themes are delayed to load as they can be puffed up with unnecessary functionality. Quick page load is a higher priority than ever particularly for individuals who are using their smartphones to get to your website. Sometimes, simple themes can be quicker to load.


How significant is it to get technical support from the author of the theme? It can be advantageous and worth having a paid support agreement on the off chance that you need help from time to time.

Ease of use

Sometimes, it’s good if you just reuse the theme since it will be much simpler for you to use it cause you already know its configuration and functionality.

Once you are done designing or picking a theme for your website, it’s time to move to the next step. 

STEP 6: Add Content To Your Site


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