STEP 4: Determine your look and logo (Updated 2021)

A good and catchy logo shows what your company is and what you offer to your viewers or clients. 

It shows as well your company’s identity as a whole.

Since logos are all important to your website’s overall design as well as to your company’s brand, designing your logo can sometimes be an overwhelming task to do. If you haven’t designed any logo before, it tends to be an intimidating process.

A logo works not just aside from looking colorful and attractive but it serves a lot of functions to your website. Here are those functions:

A logo makes you notable and stands out from the rising and continuous competition


Maybe the most key function of a logo is giving your website an extraordinary mark that makes you stand out and separates you from different websites. 

This is particularly significant if your website has competitors (which 99.9% of them do). Before you decide to get a logo for your website you’ll need to do some research first on what your competitor’s look like so you can situate yourself.

A logo shows essential information about your website

Not only that it will  make you different from other websites, having a good and catchy logo also provides some significant data about your website directly to your viewers or clients: it can convey the what service you offer, communicate about the industry you belong to, speaks for your target demographic, and of course, your brand values.

A logo helps you to build your brand recognition to viewers or clients

famous logo

A logo is also leaving a visual impact on your viewers or clients in which reminding them that your website exists.

This means that logos can make a strong visual connection to your viewers to visit once again and again your website.

What are the elements present in a logo? 


A logo will as a rule contain some sort of typographic element with regards to form. This can extend from a monogram-style single letter to an abbreviated or full name of your website.



In some cases, typography comes with icons or symbols. These can be either made out of abstract geometric elements or representative.



A logo can be monochrome or multicolored, and black and white. Oftentimes, a multicolored logo has a palette and it can be either complementary ( which means opposite hue or colors of distant) or analogous ( which means colors of the same hue).


In certain occurrences, a logo is likewise characterized by the context where it is utilized. So, it’s essential to consider when and where logos can be applied.

Static or dynamic elements

One byway in logo design worth referencing is the option of making a static logo—one which looks exactly to wherever it exists—or a dynamic logo—one which changes relying upon its unique context.

Additionally, here are a few steps to guide you when you’re going to design a logo for your website. 

Always look for the right inspiration

If you’ve spent some of your time looking for inspiration as a first-ever step of designing your logo, then it will be a much simpler task to do it. In this way, you already have a clear and additional idea of what logo you want to create.

Better to identify what three colors you think that reflects your website

Selecting which colors look good for your logo design isn’t a difficult task to do, especially if your brand guidelines are being defined already cause you can use those colors for your logo.

Select your prefer logo design style


While browsing for inspiration, definitely you notice that the logo comes with so many varieties of styles around. When it’s time for you to design your logo, select the style which you prefer to use that you think best suits your website.

Make sure to pick the right font

If you plan to design a logo with a text element, make sure that you pick the right font match to the overall result.

You can create a logo on an available free design platform

Nowadays, there’s no problem looking for a tool to use designing your logo since there are a lot of various sources.  In order for you not to spend additional cost for the design platform, just search for free tools since there are some of them that are high-quality and really great to use.

Once you are done determining the look of your logo, you are ready for the next step! 

Step 5: Design or pick a based theme


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