How To Create A Powerful Landing Page

Anyone can make a landing page but it takes work to make it a powerful and effective one. It’s not just designing a page that looks good but it has to have all the elements and copy that the customers want to see and read. 

If you want to know how to make a powerful landing page, read below! 

What is a landing page?

Powerful Landing Page

In the terms of digital marketing, a landing page is a specific web page where a visitor “lands” after clicking on a link from their email or ads on social media websites. It is a standalone page and is created for marketing and advertising purposes. 

A landing page has one goal and that is to increase conversion rates. It contains vital information about the marketing campaigns, call-to-actions, or links to your website or social media accounts. 

Tips on Creating an Effective Landing Page

An effective landing page could be your business’ ace for successful online marketing. That’s why it is important to know what are the essential elements that go in a landing page. 

Tip # 1: Organized design

The overall structure of your page design plays a huge role in achieving your conversion objectives. To create an effective landing page, make sure to use compatible color schemes and striking images. The elements and placements should all work toward these objectives and be designed for a visitor to convert. 

Conversion objectives are what you want your visitors to do. This could be filling out a form, making a purchase, or downloading an ebook. 

According to experts, red or green-colored buttons increase landing page conversions. But make sure that these colors complement your background and overall color scheme. 

Tip # 2: Mobile-friendly

Powerful Landing Page

As of 2021, 54.8% of global web traffic is generated from mobile devices. That means to say more than half of all global activities are made from mobile. This is how important making your websites and landing pages mobile-friendly is. 

Your mobile-friendly landing pages should be three things: easy to navigate, fast-loading, and clickable. 

Tip # 3: Short forms

Being an online marketer means that data-collecting is a must. This is why most landing pages have forms that visitors can fill in for updates, newsletters, promos, and more. But you should keep in mind that when creating landing pages, less is more. This also means that you have to make sure your visitors fill out few form fields as much as possible. 

The more form fields you require your visitors to fill, the bigger chance they won’t complete in filling your form at all. If your conversion demands a form, only ask for the essentials details. 

Tip # 4: Attention-grabbing headlines and persuasive subheads

If you want your visitor to stay and read the whole copy, and maybe eventually convert, you need to grab their attention at the first glance. The way to do this is to write a headline that just demands to be read. 

Your headline should be interesting, attention-grabbing, and comprehensive. It should automatically tell or describe the product or service you are offering and as much as possible, limit it to 10 words and not more than 20. 

Underneath your headlines are subheadings that should still compel visitors to continue reading. It should be placed directly under the headline, should be persuasive, and tells more details. 

Tip # 5: Stunning and high-quality images

Studies show that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. This means that your visitors will be more influenced by the images on your landing page rather than your texts. 

So when selecting and placing your images, make sure they are large, high-quality, and relevant to the product or service you are offering. If you are offering a physical product, include that product on the landing page. 

Tip # 6: Provide methods of contact

To prove the legitimacy of your business, provide several methods of contact on your landing page. Some of the well-created landing pages always have a phone number, a physical address, and email address, and a contact form. 

If you want to go the extra mile, some also have pop-ups where you can contact customer service. 

When adding contact information on your landing pages, the basics are a physical address and a phone number. This, at the very least, assures your visitors you are a real company. 

Tip # 7: A Powerful Call-to-Action

The most important element you can see on any landing page has to be the call-to-action. 

A call-to-action (CTA) is a statement designed to prompt response from the person reading or hearing it. This is what converts your leads and visitors to customers. 

Here are a few tips for your CTAs: 

  • The bigger, the better. 
  • Make your CTA copy appealing. Don’t use the word “Submit” instead, use something more attractive and persuasive. 
  • Use a button. People expect a CTA to be a button, so use one. We understand if you want to do something unique but it’s instilled in everyone that a CTA has to be a button. 
  • Use an eye-grabbing color. Your landing page has a color scheme to make a beautiful design. Now whatever that color scheme, pick a contrasting one for your CTA that’ll catch the eyes of your visitors and compel them to click. 
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