The Best One-Page Website Builders

If you want your lead to focus on what matters, one-page websites are for you. This type of website layout has risen in popularity because of its bizarre method of presentation. If structured properly, it could result in an even higher conversion rate than a traditionally-designed website with multiple pages. One of the best things about one-page websites is that you don’t need much extensive coding knowledge to make one yourself. There are numerous one-page website builders online that are easy to use and you can utilize to create your own! 


One-Page Website Builder

SeedProd is one of the best drag-and-drop WordPress page builders available. It is equipped with a fully functional front-end editor that allows you to create any type of webpage for your WordPress website. 

It has hundreds of different templates you can use for your one-page website and a visual editor that allows changes in real-time. Forget hiring a web developer! 

Since it is a drag-and-drop mechanism, even without coding knowledge, you’ll be able to create a fully functional one-page website. You can drag-and-drop call-to-action buttons, hero areas, contact forms, pricing tables, and more! 

You can integrate your page with email marketing services and use the built-in coming soon and maintenance mode if you need to take your site offline temporarily. 


One-Page Website Builder

Strikingly is a free one-page website builder that can give you a functional one-page website in minutes. It doesn’t require design expertise or coding knowledge at all! You click on anything and it’ll give you ways to customize your design. Once you are happy with how it turned out, you can publish it. 

Your one-page website from Strikingly can connect to websites like PayPal, Stripe, or their Simple Store feature so you can sell products or services. They have a convenient system where you can manage your signup forms, live chats, and newsletters all in one place. 


One-Page Website Builder

Wix is a popular website builder and it’s one of the best if you are looking for one-page website builders. It has a free website hosting offer with up to 500MB of storage and bandwidth. It has an easy drag-and-drop mechanism that gives you the capability to build powerful one-page websites. It also offers different website integrations so you can utilize your page’s functionality, as well as access to galleries and effects. 


Similar to Wix, Weebly is also another option for the best and easy-to-use one-page website builders. It offers an impressive collection of customizable website designs and tools that’ll help you create a stunning one-page website. It also includes various design elements, such as video backgrounds and integrated analytics, that will surely give your page that unique effect. 

For online products, you can use Weebly’s Square for online payments. 

IM Creator

IM Creator is a special one. It is a one-page website builder made by creators for creators. So you expect to design, create, publish, and have access to unlimited hosting and bandwidth all in one place. 

It has an easy-to-use visual editor that makes creating a one-page website easy. It gives a wonderful collection of HTML templates, which you can customize to your liking. It also provides SEO-friendly tools to help your website rank in search engines. 

And one thing we love about this one-page website builder is its scalability. If you are still trying out the waters, you can start with a one-page website and as you grow, you can make changes and add more pages as you like! 


We’ve seen Carrd a good amount of time all over our Twitter feed and Facebook timelines. It is used to create personal profiles, a landing page, information dissemination, and more! And we know the reason why. 

Carrd is simply simple to use! There are dozens of free templates you can utilize or if you are feeling more confident, you can start from scratch. It offers an impressive visual interface that allows you to customize your page. 

For one Carrd account, you can create 3 free one-page websites. 


Another top-notch one-page website builder is uKit. Like all the others in the list, it is equipped with all the visual editing tools and components you need to customize your page to look its best. It has a very convenient drag-and-drop interface that makes everything ten times easier. 

We love uKit for the tools they offer to make a one-page website easier than ever to create. uKit can make your page mobile- and Retina-ready, cross-browser compatible, and optimized for excellent performance. You can opt for custom fonts and colors, as well as choose from a variety of promotional tools. 

uKit has made selling products and services online with ease and it gives you complete control over your website too! 

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