How Much Does a Web Designer Make (Updated 2021)

Web designing is not an easy task. Doing this needs a lot of skills and experience to be able to create a stunning website that is very pleasing to the eye. Not everyone can effectively make a website like this. That’s why, every now and then, the owners of a certain website need professional help too. This calls for professional help from a Graphic Designer. 


A Graphic Designer is a person who is in charge of designing and customizing a website or web page. Graphic Designing is a profession for those who are both creative and technically inclined. It’s also known as one of the high paying jobs in our current generation. In this article, we will talk about how much do web designers charge and what their salary really is.


There are two different ways that a web designer charges his or her clients. These two are what we call a Per Hour Charge and a Flat Rate Charge.

  • Per Hour Charge

In general, a skillful and experienced web designer can make a $75 charge per hour. The general cost for designing a website ranges from $30 to $80 depending on different factors, as stated by the Website Builder Expert. Here are some factors that may affect a web designer’s per hour charge.

  • Project length

The per-hour charge may depend on how long a web designer will take to finish a certain project. If the project needs more time to finish, it generally has a lower hourly rate than those that can be finished quickly or at a faster rate. 

  • Page count

Sometimes, hourly rates may be affected by how many pages a certain website has. More pages on a website are equivalent to more work that needs to be done. That’s why websites that have more pages than the usual may require to have a higher hourly rate. Make sure to get this clear before providing your hourly rate.

  • Project difficulty

If a certain project is too difficult to do, hourly rates should be significantly higher too. On the other hand, projects that are easier to do and finish will need to have a lower hourly rate. However, if a project is easy to do but it has a lot of things that need to be done, it still needs to have a higher hourly rate as it will factor in the length of a project. You should check out the difficulty of a certain project before diving in on it to make sure that you can finish it. 

  • New or Old Client

There are some web designers that actually charge less for new clients just to land the project. This may seem to go wrong, especially if you landed hard jobs. If you are a web designer or aspiring to be one, make sure to charge your clients the right way. It’s impossible to grow in this profession if you keep charging less just to get a project. For some web designers, old clients tend to give a higher hourly rate to the designer because of the amount they have already done in the past or simply because they know the level of quality that the designer can provide.

  • Commitment level

Another thing that may affect a web designer’s hourly rate is their commitment level to the project at hand. If they are only doing it as a part-time or freelance, instead of doing it full time, chances are there are lower hourly rates for them. However, if you are committed to doing the job full time, you may want to consider giving a higher hourly rate charge to your clients. This is because it will show that you are fully committed to finishing the job in a period of time with the highest quality you can give.

  • Flat Rate Charge

Another way of charging a client is by flat rate charges. A lot of web designers actually hate having a flat rate. This is because a designer can never be certain of how long a project may last. This may seem unfair to them at most. In general, having a web designer can cost you no less than $6, 000 and that is only for the first year, as stated by the Website Builder Expert. If you are planning to provide a flat rate, consider any necessary factors that may affect the charge you give to your clients.


  • Experience

First off on the list is experience. The charges of a web designer may vary depending on how long he or she has been a web designer. If a certain person has had a lot of years of experience, his or her rate is bound to be higher than usual. However, if you are only a beginner, chances are your rates are along with the likes of the usual rates, maybe even lower at times. It’s a good chance to start small and accumulate a lot of different experiences with a lot of different clients so that your rate will slowly creep up higher.

  • Geography

One thing you should know is that web designer rates also vary from one place to another. Rates are generally higher in the East Coast and in cities with a high cost of living such as New York City and San Francisco. On the other hand, rates are generally lower in the West Coast and in cities that have a low cost of living such as Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. 

  • Flexibility

There are times when a rate depends on how much work you’ve done over a certain period of time. These are factors that we call Flexibility. Web Designing can be a part-time job, a full-time job, or even a freelance job. You can commit to it fully or just give a few hours a day to accomplish certain tasks. Whatever flexible way you choose, Web Designing is a great choice if you want to earn extra income or base income. 

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