The Best 10 Hosted eCommerce Platforms

If you are planning on launching your online store without the hassle of coding and web hosting, we recommend you use hosted eCommerce platforms instead. 

What is a hosted eCommerce platform?

A hosted eCommerce platform is a web-hosting platform that caters to online stores. Generally, is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that have limited eCommerce experience. 

A good hosted eCommerce platform will have the following features: 

  • Online payment integration
  • Inventory management
  • Reliable server technology
  • Secured web-based transactions and data management

If you are interested, we have round up the best 10 hosted eCommerce platforms of 2021! 


hosted eCommerce platform

One of the most popular hosted eCommerce platforms is Shopify. They have a user-friendly interface where the store owners can utilize even without coding knowledge. The platform gives the owners the capability to manage the inventory and customize their online store to their liking. 

Shopify added a separate service that allows owners to run a POS system through their mobile device. The system integrates with the Shopify store to make the inventory done on one platform. 

Pricing: Shopify offers the Starter plan for $14 a month. However, if you are serious about your business, there’s the more practical option called Basic which will cost you $29 a month, with 1GB storage, an unlimited number of products you can input in your store, and a 2.0% transaction fee. 


hosted eCommerce platform

Bigcommerce is on par with Shopify and you can choose either. It is home to over 55,000 online stores with a combined sales of $4 billion. 

The platform has a wide collection of free and paid store apps that gives your online store extra features and additional integration, like MailChimp and Visual Website Optimizer. 

Pricing: Bigcommerce starts with $29.95 per month and comes with 3GB of file storage and a 1.0% transaction fee. 


Volusion can be considered to be on the top 3 of hosted eCommerce platforms, alongside Shopify and Bigcommerce. The platform boasts to have generated a combine sales of over $16 billion. It has over 900 eCommerce features and additional personal services for a fee, such as a one-on-one conversion rate optimization consultation for $899. 

Pricing: Volusion starts at $15 a month and allows 100 products, unlimited storage, and no transaction fees. 

X-Cart Cloud

X-Cart Cloud is the X-Cart’s hosted eCommerce platform. If you are a bit confused, you could say it is identical to how is to the WordPress open source project. 

X-Cart Cloud has a wide collection of free and paid add-ons that could enhance your X-Cart online store. One of their subscription plans will give you access to their point of sale (POS) system, which allows you to handle inventory on a single platform. 

Pricing: X-Cart Cloud starts at $15 a month with 100 products, 1GB storage, 10GB of bandwidth, and no transaction fees. 

Big Cartel

Stores hosted by Big Cartel are majorly from the creative niche. The platform is home to over 500,000 online stores, the majority of them for jewelry, fashion, arts, crafts, and more creative ventures.  

Pricing: Big Cartel starts at $9.99 a month. Included in this plan are 25 products with 5 photos per product limit and no transaction fees. If you are just starting to test the water, Big Cartel also has a free plan which allows 5 products in your online store. 


3dcart has a lot of features that you can utilize for your online store. One unique point of this hosting platform though is that it allows business owners to accept Bitcoin as payment. Aside from that, it has a loyalty program that allows customers to earn reward points if they shop at your online store. 

Pricing: 3dcart starts at $16.99 a month and allows 200 products, unlimited storage, and no transaction fees. 


Pinnaclecart has an exceptional list of clients that have used their platforms. Talk about HBO, Discovery Channel, and Miami Heat kind of companies. It gives owners the ability to integrate with third-party apps like Facebook. 

Pricing: Pinnaclecart starts at $29.95 a month, 1GB storage, 2GB bandwidth, and no transaction fees. 

Yahoo! eCommerce

When you choose Yahoo! eCommerce, it gives you a sense of security, knowing that your online store is being handled by a tech giant. The platform hosts over 1 million online stores and has handled over $65 billion worth of transactions.

The eCommerce platform has an impressive list of features such as integration with UPS, a major shipping company to make shipping easier. 

Pricing: Yahoo! eCommerce starts at $26 a month that is billed annually, up to 1,000 products, 5GB of storage, 150GB bandwidth, and a 1.5% transaction fee. 

Wix Online Store Builder

Wix is a popular, easy-to-use website builder and the brand ventured into the eCommerce industry by launching their hosted online store platform, Wix Online Store Builder. 

Pricing: Wix Online Store Builder starts at $19.90 a month and it comes with 20GB storage and 10GB of bandwidth. 


Storenvy has a unique feature from the other platforms listed. 

If you choose Storenvy as your hosted eCommerce platform, your online store will be included in their marketplace or network of brands. This means all your products are searchable within their marketplace and visible to their existing customers. 

It is home to over 100,000 brands. 

Pricing: Storenvy online stores are free but if you’d like a custom domain, it costs $5 a month. 

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