The Best Restaurant Websites in 2020

The food industry is one of the most competitive industries and this is why the whole process of opening and running a restaurant requires a lot of determination and hard work. Not only do you have to mind the menu but also your customer service. You wouldn’t want empty tables, do you? If you are a restaurant manager or owner, it is a must that you make sure that your staff are well-trained and are coordinated individuals. Guests should be able to enjoy each dish like your appetizer, desserts, main dish, and after-dinner cocktails or coffee without feeling rushed or ignored.

However, with all the advancement of technology, businesses have slowly made their way online and have been relying on digital marketing. Restaurants nowadays have established their presence online, also by the mean of promoting, by creating their websites. The Internet, along with the increasing mobile usage, has really changed the game when it comes to advertising your business online. Consumers are now using the net to search for restaurant menus, locations, and even reviews. That’s why it is so important for a business to leave a digital footprint. 

One of the best ways to do that is to have a website. First, it must have a good design, meaning colors scheme are easy to the eyes, fonts and font sizes are readable and the overall structure of the website has to be easily navigated. Second, because of the influx of smartphones and its users, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Third, put (and regularly update) your menu. One of the reasons why your potential customer is searching and lurking for your website is because they are looking for your menu. So put your menu out there, along with the prices. Take note, update it if necessary. And fourth, content is king. Your customers would love it if you manage to sneak in a well-written blog post or two related to the trade. 

If you are looking for inspiration on how to get your food business on top, we give you the best restaurant websites in 2020. The restaurant websites that we chose are set with the following criteria: the overall design, unique features, attention to detail, and the food. Without further ado, here are the best restaurant websites in 2020.

Anton’s – New York City

Anton’s is one of the most nostalgic restaurants in New York City. They are a neighborhood restaurant that offers seats for walk-in guests or any reservation in their dining room. Their café offers a rich culinary history of New York City with deep European influences.

If you visit their website, you can feel the neo-classical ambiance using italicized serif typefaces alongside beautiful photography of their cuisine and interiors. Anton’s is one of the best websites you’ll find on the internet. They allow visitors to quickly search for the menu, store hours, and even press articles. It has an exceptional design and has highlighted buttons as a call to action, making reservations a piece of cake. 

Beetroot Market & Deli – Portland, OR

Beetroot Market & Deli captivates their visitors with photos of their cuisine on sight. Their customers love how their website offers digital gift cards that can be purchased through a highlighted button in the main navigation bar. Their website also has a unique feature where you can order the same products found in the market, such as wine, candles, local beers, tote bags, and more. The website acts as an online store and if you are interested to visit the actual store, it is located in Pacific Northwest. 

Colletta – Alpharetta, GA

Colletta catches the visitor’s attention because of its website’s clean and modern design. It is a restaurant, located outside of Georgia, Atlanta, but draws the influence of North Italy with its collection of unique dining experiences. Their website allows the users to make a reservation and because of its quick call-to-action features, potential customers can easily inquire about private dinings, events reservations, and happy hours. It is a simple but stunning website that attracts customers at first glance. 

Colonia Verde – Brooklyn, NY

The restaurant of Colonia Verde is inspired by the hearts of Latin America fincas. At first look, its website will greet you with mouth-watering cuisine offerings and is widely loved because of its uniqueness. A section titled “Sunday Asados” is a community event where the guests are chefs that cooks over open flame is easily accessible at the top of the navigation bar. Other than that, their website also serves as a general store where one can purchase meal kits, salsas, veggie boxes, wine, and more. You can order on the website and choose either it’s for delivery or pick up. Their restaurants are located in Brooklyn and New York. 

Disco Cheetah – Vancouver, Canada

Disco Cheetah started as a food cart, parked on the sidewalk in front of a local Vancouver brewery. The business grew and has gained popularity, eventually transforming into a traditional brick and mortar restaurant. Despite opening a restaurant, their food truck is still ever-present and operating. As of today, Disco Cheetah is known for its Korean delicacies. Their website features different aspects of Korean cuisines and has a tab specific for booking and inquiry purposes for their food truck. Another feature of their website is the function to order online. 


A restaurant’s online presence, such as a website, offers a lot of benefits and will surely have a positive impact on the business’ success. The menu is readily available at one tap, making ordering online very convenient. 

To avoid marketing pitfalls, it is vital that you make sure your website has all the necessary functions your customers will need. One, a friendly interface. Two, the menu and photos of the food will be greatly appreciated. Three, online booking features for hassle-free dining that will include the customer’s contact details for easy communication for inquiries, questions, and clarifications. Five, social media integration. Staying connected with your valuable customers is one way to ensure their loyalty. You must regularly update them for any events that your restaurant may host and even promote your new menus. 

Your goal here is to have a great website that can bring online users through your door and turn them into loyal customers.

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