The Best Dental Websites of 2020

To maintain good oral health, choosing the best dental clinic is one of the best ways to go btt since dental clinics are currently rising each year, many dentists would bring their services and offers online by creating a dental website, which will eventually help them attract and gain customers. 

Of course, these dentists will rely on the help of website designers and developers, who will also maintain and update their website if necessary. A good web designer would know of the important features that a dental website should have, however, the dentists would also have to do their part in establishing a good reputation and marketing their clinic. 

There is also a big possibility that before committing to a dentist, customers will scour the internet for dental clinics that offer the exact services that they need. One way to attract them is to build a well-designed and informative website.

Take a look at the list below, showcasing the best dental websites for 2020. You will see great examples of dental pages and learn about the best features you can and apply to your own. 


New York has over 2,600 licensed dentists, each of these have their own dental clinic and websites. With these numbers, it is difficult to stand out and make a spot on the top list. This NYC dentist, however, is up to the challenge and is one of the most reputable dental clinics. 

Tend is a top-rated clinical team that reimages every feature of what your experience can be on a dentist’s website. Their website consists of fun and energetic videos that every customer will love to watch as it gives them an idea of the clinic’s unique approach. The website features above-the-fold content that shows the dental’s location, opportunities to book an appointment, shop for products, read insurance policies and learn about the services that the clinic offers. 

The Tend has a minimalist website, accompanied by easy-to-read content and vibrant and engaging images. In a nutshell, the website’s design is perfectly fun and provides an easy user experience for guests.

Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics

The Atlanta Center for Advanced Perio is the leading periodontal surgery in Midtown Atlanta and Roswell. They give their customers specialized care through precision, artistry, and experience.

Their website has an attractive modern design that reflects their services’ personality and the high-end customers they seek to attract. If you happen to visit their website, all you can see is a clean and clutter-free design, and the use of white space, muted colors, and original photo and video speak for their expertise in the practice. Simultaneously, their content is composed of a conversational tone, yet a professional copy allows guests to feel welcome and comfortable.

Jackson Family Dental

Jackson Family Dental clinic is a dentist’s office with a relaxing environment, a warm and welcoming team, and advanced technology. They can offer you personalized appointments and all-encompassing dental care. They have top-rated professionals that can give you the best services.

Jackson Family Dental’s website has a modern and minimalist feel that covers engaging images and professionally-shot videos that surely captures your attention. They highlight the benefit of their services by showing their website visitors their technology-focused videos.

Overall, the website has unique design elements, call-to-action pages, and copy that answers common questions.

Grand Street Dental

Grand Street Dental clinic gives its customers great satisfaction with their services. The dental clinic is re-imagining what a dental experience can be and proudly sets a new standard for patient care, blowing their customers away with their professional practice. 

Its website looks and feels like a modern art gallery with elements of abstracts shapes, calming colors, and beautiful photography. The first look will make you feel at ease. 

The website has features of online booking appointments, highlights recent press that includes mentions in New York Magazine and Forbes, and a simple navigation button with its services. On their page, you can also see the insurance information and other details.

Cedar Village Dentistry

Cedar Village Dentistry is located in Mason, Ohio, with a population of only 35,000 people. Dr. Thomas Dooley’s Cedar Village Dentistry is one of the most high-technological surgical dental practices in the country of Ohio. Since 2007, Cedar Village Dentistry is proud to combine modern techniques and high technology equipment to give their clients the best services. They make sure to provide a personalized and comfortable dental care experience to everyone.

The Cedar Village Dentistry website features its original photography and videos highlighting its services and community commitment. The website has a simple design with calming colors and simple explanations of complex procedures. 

Moreover, the Cedar Village Dentistry website has a chat moderator feature and an online booking appointment. They make one of the best dental websites in 2020.


Best dental websites keep their pages easy to use for the convenience of its guests, the content and other informational articles should also be directly related to their services, which is oral care. To further stimulate potential clients, the website should be able to provide exciting images and videos that showcase the oral care services of the clinic. 

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